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Sonnenuntergang in Bamlach
Gästehaus & Weinbau Kallmann
Im Kirschgarten 5
79415 Bad Bellingen - Bamlach
Telefon: +49 (0)7635 524+49 (0)7635 524
Fax: +49 (0)7635 8279219
Haus Kallmann - Weinbau und Gästehaus

Feel at home!

Preserve the regional identity of our wines
— that means passion and commitment to us wine producers.


Have a stay and rejuvenate
— in a cosy house with modern comforts that invites you to stay longer.


Both things you can experience with us.
We look forward to seeing you!

Kallmann family


Changing something with the viticulture

Changing something with the viticulture

The entire production of the vineyards is oriented to obtain healthy and substantial grapes.

We do not use any herbicides at any of our vineyards. The continuous analysis that we subject our land to tells us which substances have been consumed, that is to say which nutrients have to be returned to the ground in a proportionate way.

The pruning we carry out provides a low number of buds per vine in order to obtain a basis for the best possible grapes. At harvest, we only select the healthy and fully ripen grapes that are picked exclusively by hand.

Quality comes from the vineyards. The goal is to preserve the quality of the grapes and to vinify in the purest way.

Do you also wish sometimes that someone could tell you what you really want to know about wine? That is clear and simple?

I gladly offer my time.


Feel at home!

We guarantee the maximum comfort for the duration of your stay. It is important for us that you feel good in every way in a foreign country.

  • All rooms have a balcony or terrace
  • Satellite TV, free Wi-Fi throughout the house
  • Drinks service / fridge
  • Breakfast with an abundant variety of local products
  • Large parking space in front of the house
  • Non-smoking house
  • Pick up service at the train station
  • Appointments with doctors and physiotherapists

Upon arrival, our guests will receive the KONUS guest card – which allows free travel on buses and trains in the Black Forest area and enjoy many other benefits such as visits to museums and exhibitions.